Hyphen Tensile structure

Largely used for covering industrial and agro-industrial spaces, sports arenas, commercial spaces, schools and auditoriums, tensile-structures 2 Tensile structures have been in existence since the Roman Empire, 2000 years ago. Structurally, tensile structuresthe Hyphen Tensile structure is fabricated by combining three elements: cables, membranes, and rigid structures (pole, cables and masts) – to offer greater protection against solar flares when people are outdoors.tensile-structures 3

Hyphen Tensile structure are membrane roofs that are held in place on steel cables. Their ability to cover large spans, high malleability and ease of pre-fabrication makes them popular with construction companies and large open spaces.tensile-structures 4

This product available from Ferrarifabric Lucknow are available in two fabric types – PVC-coated polyester fiber and PTFE-coated glass fiber membrane.tensile-structures 5Both offer greater durability for 10 and 30 years, respectively. However, PTFE-coated glass fiber membrane offers higher resistance to solar flares, tensile-structures 6wind, rain and snow as compare to its PVC counterpart. Light-weight and modular Hyphen Tensile structure can be easily transported, tensile-structures 7assembled and erected and requires minimal space for storage when not in use.tensile-structures 8

Tensile structure Lucknow recommends Hyphen Tensile structure for gardens, cafes, restaurants, malls, schools and swimming pool. To know more, talk to our experts, Today!!!


tensile structures

With an eye for creativity, Serge Ferrari designed highly tensile and visually stunning fabrics for tensile structures. Related imageThe Ferrari Fabric is a high-performance awning fabric that is manufactured from composite polymer grants that renders superior structural stability. Image result for tensile structure images

With a smooth and thick coating of UV resistance paint, this product offers good protection from the blistering heat and challenging weather conditions for several decades.Image result for tensile structure images Available in spectrum of colors, the Ferrari Fabric instantly renders a designer appeal to the place it is installed at. This tensile structure in Lucknow is perfect for fixed, light commercial use like entrance canopies or pergolas, and for residential use like half-spherical canopy in the garden.Image result for tensile structure images

High-performing tensile structures combines superior strength, lightweight and greater durability to offer great comfort and style. Light in weight, Ferrari Fabric is easily transported and quickly installed.Image result for tensile structure images

Features and Benefits

  •  Ferrari Fabric is manufactured from high-tenacity polyester micro-yarn cloth
  •  This tensile structure fabric is coated under warp and weft tension during the manufacturing cycle giving it a high-performing polymer surface layer
  •  Exceptional dimensional stability for use in any weather condition
  •  Exceptional flatness that adds to the structural beauty

Tensile Structure in India

Need premium quality fabric to protect your outdoors? Welcome to ferrarifabriclucknow  – Your Reliable & Affordable Tensile structures India Supplier!!


With global warming on the rise and the weather conditions soring, to protect your outdoors or assets kept outdoors need protection. However, protecting large sprawling areas become a challenging task as it needs hard labor to constantly provide protection. So, what to do?PFEIFER

We at ferrarifabriclucknow design agile, sturdy and durable tensile fabric to protect your outdoors. Made from premium quality raw materials, tensile membrane structures are attractive and affordable option to shelter an outdoor area. They are pliable and light weight structures and can be formed in any shape and size to fit in the surroundings. Tensile structures India are used as roofs offers great protection against the weather elements and looks good too.2f19

Our products are fabricated from superior quality nylon fabric and other natural fibers, and their build is based on the Law for Steadiness – a tensile fabric structure must bend evenly in opposite directions, which provides a 3-dimensional constancy. Subsequently, our products endure the different weather conditions with great ease. Tensile structures are rapidly gaining popularity in “The City of Nawabs.” Today, tensile structures in Lucknow as being used as canopies, skylight, swimming pool cover, auditorium covers, covered walk-ways, sunshade roofing, membrane roofing, mechanical retractable roofing.

Tensile Structures Lucknow 

We offer an extensive range of Gazebo Tensile Structures used for building summer houses for children to play in the sweltering summer or for decorating gardens and providing shade for people to enjoy the weather.

We also build mobile Tensile Structures for organizing an open-air event or a lawn party.

Our light-weight yet sturdy Gazebo Tensile Structures are geometrically designed and available in different shapes, color and styles for fulfilling the needs of the customer. We build Tensile Structures in Lucknow from PVC and PVDF coated fabrics mounted on metal framework. Our products are waterproof as they are designed from industry grade architectural lacquered membrane, while the fittings and rigging and crafted from marine grade stainless steel for assured durability of our structures. Our products look elegant yet provide practical application to your outdoors need.

We can provide 2D & 3D models during the design stage to display the custom structure in the proposed environment.

Tensile Structures Air Craft Hangar

Need robust and artistic Tensile structures to cover your courtyard completely? Welcome to Tensile structures – We provide tensile fabrics that work!!36508054_640949326258700_3007717317661425664_n

We design elegant and sturdy Courtyard Tensile structure that offers complete cover to your courtyard and allows free movement of people and things between buildings in all weathers. outdoor-tensile-gazeboOur tensile fabric structure over-sail one another that allows natural sunlight and wind to enter the courtyard. We use inverted umbrella design to create Courtyard Tensile structure. 36239672_634147923605507_4853335571583467520_nThis PVC-coated Polyester structure sustains rainwater and integrates light in a way that creates ‘crown’ like visuals for each mast. This structure not only boosts ventilation, protects people from harsh sunlight but also creates a multi-purpose courtyard that can be used for seating and dining options as well.

Auditorium Tensile Structure

Tensile structures come in different range of translucency to offer different levels of protection from sunlight and weather conditions. Subsequently, these structures are fabricated from polymers like PVC and ETFE or natural fibers that imparts its exclusive characteristic to the tensile strength and structure. Fabric translucency is obtained from Hi-tech innovations and machineries.

We fabricate soft roof membrane structures supported by air pressure that will go unnoticed by your audience while providing them soothing shade on a sweltering day. Our Air Structures are perfect for recreational premises and for industrial applications, too!

Our Tensile Structures auditoriums in India support different shapes, sizes and complexity of the auditorium at lucrative prices.

Banquet Hall Tensile structure

Banquet Hall Tensile structure helps to create dramatic and exciting architectural works. Translucent, lightweight, etched in soft colors and mounted on durable stainless-steel pillars, this tensile fabric structures create a brilliant 3-D form. SP_7We design, manufacture and install these structures to add elegance and value to your property. tensile-structure-500x500Our pre-engineered and modular Tensile structures in Lucknow are crafted from premium grade PVC material that stands the tough weather conditions for years. outdoor-tensile-gazeboThe framework on which the tensile fabric is stretched out is made from stainless steel or aluminum based on your requirement and budget. car-shelterWe guarantee quality structures compliant with industry standards that look great and are economical, too!37687846_662782180742081_4061044852865892352_n

We specialize in fabricating Tensile Structures Car Parking in Lucknow for personal small size Car, SUVs, Van, car showrooms, residential, & commercial car parking. You can select from our range of different car shapes, sizes, dimension and attractive colors. 36573968_639998833020416_2710348668443033600_nFor instance, you can install a carports shade at your Business or Home premises at lucrative rates.

manufacturing and supplying of permanent fabric tensile structure

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